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Our Philosophy

Learn to Care for Your Body; The Finest Instrument You’ll Ever Own

The Movement System is complex and there are many options on the path to recovery. Many people we meet do not have an adequate understanding of their options. Our goal is to help you better understand the importance of the quality of your movement. Movement quality considers much more than findings from imaging studies. This idea is new to many. There are an infinite number of ways for our movement system to get out of balance. Movement pain is based on this disturbed movement quality. The result of injury and prolonged out-of-tune movement patterns can often be seen on an MRI, but the course to re-balancing cannot.  Surgery and a return to general activity is never enough for a skilled athlete and does not need to be the answer for you either. Medication can dull the nervous system, so you can do more for some time, but there may be better options for long-term recovery. Designing a movement system remedy requires a movement system analysis.

You will receive a home exercise program following your first visit, customized to your movement problems and scaled to the sensitivity of your system. This remedy needs to be practical, understood by you and scalable to your current abilities. “If you don’t get it, we have not done our job.”

We have guided many whose recovery has stalled and who have become stuck in a cycle of side-effects and lost hope. The road from disability to enjoying life is a journey in building self-efficacy, step by step, day by day. Our mission is to support that journey.