Persistent Pain

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Persistent pain needs to be evaluated by a trained health care professional. It is important to make sure your pain is not related to a condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Once it is determined that your pain is not related to a life-threatening health condition, you have many treatment options to consider. You must carefully weigh the risks and proposed benefits of each treatment before deciding on a care plan that’s right for you.

Nowadays, science delivers a range of pain management options that go beyond traditional medical treatments and physical therapies. Specialists in surgery, pain intervention and medicine use the latest technologies to improve care.

Science has also tapped into newly discovered resources within the brain as a means of curing persistent pain.

One interesting exercise is to think about persistent pain as a series of relentless messages from your brain. It’s telling you: “Our system is not in balance. We are not well. The current treatment is hurting us. The pain drugs are not fixing our problem. Please try something different!”

The Caruso Method is here to address your pain head-on. Working together, we will help you understand how your “movement system” functions. We will help you recover from the harsh effects of previous treatments. We will explore treatment options that meet your individual needs. And we will guide you on your journey toward a healthier, happier life free of persistent pain.