The Caruso Method

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Persistent pain can be very difficult to deal with. Persistent pain needs to be evaluated to be sure you don’t need immediate medical attention. That done, there are many approaches that often depend on the practitioner you talk to. We would like our website to give you information about how the movement system of the body operates to help you to choose the path that best suits your needs.

One place to start this journey is with a basic understanding of pain. We are all very familiar with what happens if we touch a hot stove. Something gets us to move quickly. That something is our warning system responding to the sudden temperature change that can be damaging to our tissues. However, chronic pain is different.

One potential remedy for improving pain that is not often mentioned is in restoring quality of movement. This is not a new methodology. Experts working with elite athletes have recognized that there is a gap between traditional physical injury assessment and movement system competency assessment. The most common approach to physical assessment focuses on body structure. Sport Specialists investigate body structures AND ALSO investigate movement patterns. Movement pattern assessment, in skilled hands, is often more informative about pain, body function and reduced physical performance than a traditional medical MRI.

The Caruso Method Approach

Our approach is about YOU, the patient. It is a guided care approach and not a typical treatment approach. The reason is simple. The mind and body have an amazing capacity for healing. The best healing comes from your choosing from all available options that best meet your needs right now. Most people seeking care for a persistent pain problem have not had this kind of focused experience. It is NOT a substitute for medical care! If you have persistent pain, you need a medical evaluation to rule out a serious condition. If you are currently in treatment and don’t have a serious condition, you can use our services to expand your options as to what may best work for you.

When we are hurting we commonly face a dilemma: Should we take a pain pill and push on? Should we rest? Should we exercise/be active? Which exercises and/or activities are best? The answer is “It depends.” To properly answer these questions, together we need to determine where your body’s movement system is out of balance. Modern experts understand movement as an interconnected system where the contribution from adjacent areas and the environment (including breathing patterns, sleep and nutrition) need to be considered.

When pain has persisted for a long time and there has been a reliance on pain medication for years, the warning system is out of balance and pacing is a challenge. Recovery can be a bit like building a campfire. Start with a spark, then add kindling and fresh air in just the right doses. Too much fuel or breeze snuffs out the flame. Similarly many have recurrent frustration and heartening setbacks. Informed guidance can reframe a setback into a workable learning experience to build on. With a partnership with Mike, success on the journey is attainable, where other approaches have failed.

We can’t offer any guarantee that the pain will be gone quickly, but we can usually expand your real options. Modern science is decoding the amazing healing capacity within the body and brain for recovery and growth. Mike will work with you to help you make smart choices for your recovery.