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Recommended video and printed material:

Understanding Chronic Pain  

The Explain Pain Handbook by Butler and Moseley ;

Brain Pain Research Discussion

Understanding pain and what to do about it

A Pain Story

“About Living: the Katie Pumphrey Story”

Chronic Pain Recovery Support

Take Courage Coaching

Michael Sullivan PhD and PGAP

Mind-Body relationship conditioning and healing

Lisa Feldman Barrett

Brain Science and Developing Healing interventions

“The Brain That Changes Itself” by Norman Droidge, MD

Biofeedback for anxiety, respiratory conditions, sleeplessness and other medical conditions

Yoga Breathing

Neuropsychological Disorder (NPD)  Low Back Pain – Back in Control

Education about and Medications for Chronic Pain

Dan Clauw MD

Spine Surgery candidates have options

“Avoiding Spine Surgery using PREHAB” by former spine surgeon David Hanscom MD