Pam Butkiewicz

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I’m an equine hoof-care specialist. A tough job for a 51 year old woman, but I’ve loved horses since my first horse at 11 years old. I wouldn’t be doing it still if it was not for Mike. He has helped me with a number of problems over the last three years. Some of the problems date back to sport injuries and falls from my horseback riding in my twenties. I have had a lot of treatment for a pelvis injury, hip pain, a mid-back injury and severe arm pain, but I was still in chronic pain.

What I especially like, is that Mike taught me how to take care of pain issues by myself. It turned out that many of the problems, in different parts of my body, were related movement system conditions. Not only has Mike improved my quality of life by reducing my pain, he has enabled me to care for myself and to keep working at a job that I love. I am actually stronger and more flexible now than at any other time in my adult life.